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Xing Yi Quan

Mind-Intention Fist

     Xing Yi Quan, which is also sometimes called 5 Element Fist, is a very powerful Internal martial art that is also known for its martial power as well as increasing health and longevity.  Many Xing Yi Quan Masters were known for being extremely strong and healthy even into their 90s.   It was originally developed from another martial art called Xin Yi Quan (Heart Changing fist) which is still practiced today mostly by the Hui, or Muslim people.  Originally Xin Yi was developed by General Yue Fei, a famous military general who took concepts from spear fighting and eagle claw boxing and combined them together.  The art is practiced in a straight line but is comprised of small circles as compared to Taijiquan and Baguazhang.  The art can be practiced in a slow manner holding each posture or in a more vigorous manner.  As an internal art, it is often taught first because it develops the body's alignments, and strengthens tendon and ligaments.
     Standing in San Ti, or 3 posture stance is an essential part of Xing Yi Quan and is considered a very "Yang" posture whereas Taijiquan emphasizes the Wuji and Taiji standing postures.  Xing Yi Quan has a characteristic ability to strengthen the body, elongate tendons, and increase functioning and overall energy in the body's organs.  Typically the first forms learned are the 5 element forms which teach directional flows of energy and correspond with the 5 major Yin organs.  When done correctly, the 5 element forms will use the creative cycle found within Chinese medicine to generate a strong and healthy body.  When each element is mastered, the energy generated can be used in hands on healing, or for martial applications if needed.  Xing Yi Quan also develops a very strong focus, intent, and will power.  

     Hidden within Xing Yi Quan is a form of internal alchemy.  Internal alchemy is a Daoist form of self-healing that takes elements within the body and combines them together in order to cause blood, qi, and Shen (mind) to be increased.  Over time this causes the body to purify out many diseases and toxins.  This comes from Xing Yi Quan's breathing and forms contained within the system.  There are also 12 animals found within Xing Yi.  Each animal contains many self-defense techniques as well as opening different acupuncture meridians. The Xing Yi 12 animals are often taught after the 5 elements.  

     The Xing Yi Quan taught at this school comes primarily from 2 sources, one is the Sichuan version which is a combination of Henan Xin Yi and Shanxi Xing Yi.  The other one is Hebei Xing Yi.  We primarily focus on health and Spiritual practices however martial applications are taught. 


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