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Qigong / Neigong

    Qigong translates to 'Energy Work' and is a root term for what used to be called Neigong.  Neigong means "Inner Work".  In fact Taijiquan is a form of Qigong/Neigong combined with Martial arts. 


    Qigong and Neigong is used by millions of people around the world as a form of health enhancement.  There are hundreds of styles of Qigong based on your specific needs that you could do.  There are systems of Qigong that focus on general health, specific ailments, martial power, spiritual power and more. 

     Most types of Qigong or Neigong involve a slow movement that is coordinated with the breath, and sometimes a visualization.  The movements can be done standing or seated.  We teach Qigong and Neigong geared towards health and spiritual awakening based on Daoist and Buddhist philosophies. 


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