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Traditional Meditation is an ancient way of focusing inside ourselves using our minds to observe our thoughts and inner nature.  Through this observation process we begin to see what it is that holds us back from living our life fully.  Through meditation we are able to dissolve our fears and anxieties and come into a sense of inner stillness and peace that gives rise to inner happiness and joy.  Eventually, with consistent practice, meditation can lead us to experience blissful states of awareness, improved health, and compassion to all living beings.  

Meditation can be done seated on a chair, standing, or even walking.  Most meditations involve holding a posture with your hands known as a mudra, breathing in a particular way, and sometimes even visualizing a specific object or person.  Some meditations even involve guided meditations where one simply lays down and closes their eyes.   Each meditation yields different results bases on its intentions.  

Scott teaches several forms of meditation based mostly on traditional Daoist and Buddhist teachings.  The primary purpose of these meditations is to enhance your health, and to awaken the Spirit within. 

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