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Image by Jeremy Bishop


9 Week Taijiquan Essentials Live Course

     Come join us for a special 9 week course at Aloha Keene Yoga studio in Keene, NH on how Taijiquan (commonly called Tai Chi) can transform your body, mind, and spirit.  We will cover Taijiquan warmups, the essential alignments for moving and standing in Taijiquan, breathing, and the first 4 fundamental forces of Taijiquan known as Peng (Ward Off), Lu (Roll back), Ji (Press), and An (Push Down).  Each force is developed by using our Heart-Mind's Intention known as 'Yi' to guide our body through gentle and graceful movements.  Each movement has an effect on a particular organ, acupuncture meridian, and state of mind.  We will link these 4 fundamental forces together into a mini-form which makes up the heart of most Tai Chi styles known as 'Grasping the Bird's Tail'.  With continual practice of Taijiquan it is said that one can attain a state of 'Doing without Doing' where one feels unified with Dao. Beginners are welcome!

Time: 9 Fridays beginning November 4, 2022, 7pm-8pm.

Price: $16 drop in, or $90 for the whole course.

Please see and to register. 

Image by Claudio Schwarz
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