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Daoist Baguazhang
(8 Trigram Palm Neigong &
Kung Fu)

    Daoist Baguazhang is a spiritual, health, and self-defense Internal Martial Art.  It's original purpose was primarily spiritual awakening and to help the performer to connect to the ancestral snake spirits of Daoism.  Nowadays most people recognize it for its circle walking practice.  Its movements resemble a dragon or snake swirling and coiling as it flies through the sky. 
      Baguazhang is translated as 8 Trigram Palm and it incorporates Daoist Medical theory and martial arts together. At the core of the art are the 8  ‘Mother Palms.’  Each of these 8 ‘Mother Palms’ develop a unique Jing (Physical Power) that also affects a different part of the body healthwise.  The 8 gua are the following:​

Qian " Heaven "
Kun " Earth "
Zheng  " Lightning "
Li " Fire "
Kan " Water "
Xun " Wind "
Dui  " Lake, Marsh, Valley "
Geng " Mountain or Volcano "

​    Styles of Bagua Taught:
    Our Bagua system is a rare style of Bagua originating 2500 years ago in the province of Sichuan China on Qingcheng Mountain.  The generally accepted founder of modern Baguazhang is Dong Hai Chuan who lived in the 1800s.  Dong Hai Chuan was said to have learned the first three palms of Bagua, (heaven, earth, and thunder) from a Daoist monk in the mountains of China and then combined it with his understanding of other martial arts to create the rest.   Mt. Qingcheng Bagua is considered a ‘Primordial’ form of Baguazhang which has many spiritual, medical, and self-defense aspects to it.  All movements in this style come out of the Primordial Moving Taiji mudra that represents the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang as it arises from the 'Wuji' or void.  Primordial Bagua differs from Dong Hai Chuan Bagua because of its ability to change you from the inside out awakening your spiritual well-being. Our Bagua includes the 8 mother palms, 8 straightline sanshou methods, 8 animal forms, sitting internal alchemy, and partner forms. 

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